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How it works


How Ask-for-It works?

  • How does this site work?
  • Ask-for-It is a unique domain marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. How this site works is that buyers can list their requirements and different sellers can ‘bid’ their domains for the needs of the buyer
  • What is a Project and Bid?
  • A buyer lists their needs in the form of a project. They specify what their requirements are, and what is the price range they would like to buy a name for. A seller ‘bids’ the domain for the open project. The seller can bid the domains only if they are listed in Sedo or Afternic. They specify what price they would like to sell their domain for.
  • What kind of names I can sell?
  • Only .coms can be bid in the system. The domains you are bidding should be listed at Marketplaces - Either Afternic or Sedo
  • Can I upload my portfolio of names?
  • Yes, just click on ‘Add Domains’ and you can upload your complete domain portfolio. It is much easier to search in your portfolio and bid them for the open projects.
  • How many names I can bid for an open project?
  • You can have a maximum of 5 bids under status ‘Pending Review’ for any one open project.
  • What if I want to remove my bid?
  • You can remove the bid when it is in Pending stage (Still not reviewed by Moderator). Once the moderator has submitted the name to the buyer (Under Review) or under consideration by Buyer (Active), it cannot be removed.
  • Explain to me different stages (Pending/Under Review/Not Submitted/Active/Rejected)?
  • Here you go
    Pending: You just bid the name and it is not reviewed by Moderator yet
    Under Review: Good News, the Moderator likes the name and have presented it to the Buyer for review Not Submitted: Unfortunately it did not make the first cut. Moderator did not think it was relevant to the Buyer’s needs
    Active: You are getting one step closer, the buyer likes the name and has short-listed it. The buyer can also rank (1, 2, 3…) the names in order of their preference.
    Rejected: It is what it is. Buyer has to select only one name and there are many many entries. Buyer should mention why they are rejecting the bid. If bid price the reason, you can rebid the name after changing the price.
    Awarded: If you see that, you made it! Voila! Buyer can buy the name directly from Marketplace where your domain is listed
  • How does a buyer buy the name?
  • Seller has option to chose Sedo or Afternic while bidding their domain. Buyer can buy the name directly from Sedo or Afternic.

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