How it works!



How NameFit works?

  • How does this site work?
  • We bring you the best of the domains from other Domain marketplaces so that you do not have to browse through thousands of page to find the relevant domains for your business needs.
  • What is important to know about search?
  • Our search algorithms are very complex and it parses million of results to bring the best results to you. In our initial analysis, we found out that of all the domains listed on domain markeplaces, only 1% of the domains are relevant for the business needs?
  • Can I use your search on my site?
  • We are still optimizing our algorithms. But we plan to open it in future.
  • How does site make money?
  • All the links on the site are affliate links. We get commission on sales of the domain if you made a purchase with our links.
  • How often you update your data?
  • We get frequent updates from other domain marketplaces. Becuase of the volume of data, it is not a live connection.
  • Any more questions?
  • Please contact us by contacting us here